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{changes} coming soon!

I am in the works of a big ol’ blog makeover so pardon my mess as I update and rearrange.;)

I have wanted to put some time into my design for.ev.errrr. {say it like they do in The Sandlot, it’s much more fun!} but problem is, I have so many other blogs I want to beautify (and, that’s kinda what I get paid to do). I have decided to carve out some time for my own blog  because HELLO! I’m a blog designer! My blog needs to be looking the best!

And also I have a ton to blog about. I know, I know….I was supposed to blog everyday this year.

Stupid New Year’s resolution.

That was in fact the plan and I was rocking it until little k got sick.

Mommy priorities took over as it should have.

I still have to blog about my Disney trip, too! I have so much to say about that, I’m going to have to break that into several blog posts.

Hopefully I can blog a little more while doing the big blog makeover. I’m getting very excited about my new look!

{winter} I’m so over it!

This has been the longest and coldest winter I can EVER remember. It’s been insane. And no, we haven’t received but a dusting of snow, which makes the cold temps even more unbearable. At least if it were snowing, we could have some fun with all this cold weather.

And here’s what has made this winter THE WORST for me – my littlest k has been sick nearly all winter. She caught some weird stomach virus a month ago. We all got sick at the same time, everyone got well. Then littlest k caught the stomach virus again. I thought that was weird because we hadn’t left the house at all (hello, cabin fever!). Then she got well for a day, then she got sick again. It was stomach virus on repeat. She got the stomach virus 4 times in a row. I had called her pediatrician everyday and she assured me it was just a virus and it would get better.

She was feeling better and I assumed she finally had kicked it. She started complaining about her legs/knees hurting. I looked at her knees and they were HUGE. Definitely could tell something was going on with them. Then, she broke out in a little rash all over. We decided to take her to the er for them to check her.

Here’s her being a big girl after getting her blood drawn for the first time:


After a good check over, the ER doctor said it was a reaction to the virus and sent us home. Said it would clear up in a couple days.

The next morning this is what she woke up to:


And her ear was swollen so bad that it stuck straight out. Scary! I took her to our local urgent care center. They decided she had multiforme erythema. Gave her a steroid shot and a prescription for steroids. That seemed to do the trick and she healed up and did fine for about a week. But during that week she was extra cuddly and needed me to hold her 24/7 (which I loved because she’s been acting like such a big girl – I loved the extra cuddle time with her).

This is how I managed to work for most of last week:


I am used to working like this but it’s not nearly as efficient as being able to sit at the computer by myself. Y’all, I am SO BEHIND! I have worked as much as possible while the girls are asleep but goodness, this virus has put my work schedule behind. I go to bed every night feeling so defeated because I can’t get everything done that I need.

Then, this past Thursday she started complaining about her knees again and crying uncontrollably. I took her straight to the doctor and after they looked her over, Leukemia was mentioned. Never have I ever been so terrified in my life. The doctor did lab work and they don’t think it’s Leukemia but we are watching her closely and if the knee pain persists next week, we have to go back in for more testing. Right now, they believe this virus has settled into her knee joint and it’s just going to take awhile to work it’s way out of her system.

I would appreciate any prayers and good vibes sent our way. I am working as much as possible to try to keep up with my design work – we leave on Feb. 28th for a 12 day vacation. I’m determined to get all my work caught up before I leave so that I can have a good vacation and not have to worry about what I haven’t done at home.  Littlest k comes first, though. Hoping she will be fully recovered by the time we leave on our trip. I have the best clients – everyone has been very understanding!

I’m ready for warm weather and no more sickness!

Winter 2013/2014 – you stink!


So, after 3 weeks of blogging {almost every weekday} I have figured out that I need to move my instagram recap to Sunday night. Fridays are too crazy around here for anything but surviving. We had a great week followed by a not so great weekend. Stomach bug hit littlest k first, then little k and then momma k got it too. Poor littlest k got it worse than anyone. She’s still a little sick today and I’m debating on taking her to the doctor.

I really don’t understand why we’ve gotten so sick this year. And by “we” I mean me and the girls. We’ve had strep, followed immediately by flu, followed by stomach virus. And when we aren’t dealing with that, we have a sinus infection.

My husband has dodged it all. IT MAKES NO SENSE! Me and the girls eat sooooo healthy! organic. non-gmo. clean. fresh. green. all of it.

My husband….he eats poptarts. chips. coke. frozen pizza.

I really don’t understand how we get sick and he don’t. Seriously, it makes me want to just throw in the towel and stuff my face with oreos.

This blog is quickly becoming the ‘gripe about being sick’ blog. Geez!

Which brings me to my first pic – my green smoothie with spinach, coconut milk, banana, blueberries, chia seeds, and hemp seeds {all organic and apparently it’s healthy for you to drink….still waiting for the healthy part to kick in}


She got a bracelet/necklace making kit for Christmas and she was in such deep concentration while making it.


She’s learning how to read. And watching a child learn how to read is kinda amazing. She picked up this booklet and without any prompting from me, she read the first sentence! I was in shock. I think she’s going to love to read…..


I have Disney shirts out my ears right now. I am making the girls all new clothes to wear while we’re at Disney. Even new pjs. Yes, I am insane.


This little guy came to visit me for a couple hours on Tuesday. Such a cutie. I was really depending on him being wild and crazy to keep my baby fever in check but nope! He was so sweet and cuddly, makes me want another! Someone give me their crazy kid to take care of for a couple hours. I need a reality check!!


Littlest k has decided her favorite place to nap is in her sister’s arms. Yes, it’s incredibly sweet  how much these two love each other. She really takes care of her little sister. I can’t wait to see her with her own children. She has such a motherly spirit about it. It’s incredible.


I tried Dandelion Root Tea for the first time this week. I really liked it! I got rid of every.single.tea.bag I had in my pantry. I read an article about all the pesticides in tea and it freaked me out. Now, there’s only a couple brands I trust to buy.


Melts my heart, these two!


So I won #stitchfixfriday on instagram this past week with this outfit. I have already professed my love for Stitch Fix, but in case you haven’t read my previous posts, you should definitely look into it. I’m slightly obsessed.


It was my bestie’s birthday this past week. So, in honor of it, I posted a pic from our college days. Man, we had fun back then!


I locked my bathroom door because I’m tired of having 2 little ones watching me use the bathroom so of course, they had to stick their hands under the door the whole time. One day, I’ll miss that. Today is not that day.


I introduced Karlie to starbucks hot chocolate this weekend. She felt like such a big girl. She’s growing way too fast. I would say that I wish she were still a baby but honestly I like her getting a little older. She is wise beyond her years and I can see us being really close. She’s a fun girl!


I used to do the same thing to my dad. It’s funny seeing them do something that I can remember doing.


Sickity, sick, sick. Poor baby girl.:(


More disney shirts! I got this idea from my crafty friend, Heather. She went to Disney this past October so she has lots of cute ideas that I can copy.;)


And that’s all! Hopefully I can post next week that we’re all healthy and I can restore my faith in healthy eating.  Until then, peace, love and oreos!

HWTM feature

I’m popping in real quick to post up the link to my little k’s birthday party that was featured on Hostess with the Mostess. Ahh! Exciting! If you want to view some of the other parties I’ve planned scroll down the sidebar and click away!
I am taking a break from party planning. I think I’ll do a big one for littlest k when she turns 4 and then again at 5. But I don’t see any big parties in my future. I’m still recovering from this bow and arrow party! 

m y   l a t e s t   p i n s